[Tranc{E]nd} (seattlesque) wrote,



heart's desire
sired us
  but can stardust
cure the virus
that the spirits
gave a meaning
while my head
    was dreaming
  screaming in
a frame mainly
chained I was
forced to lie
  myself awake
    she tells me when
they make mistakes
    people die in here

In a discussion with a hospital safety inspector, I was told about the importance of following procedures and how a remarkably large number of deaths occur due to avoidable staff errors. My own later experiences at Harborview hospital had me strapped down to a table, and they made a speaker beep at me in regular intervals a-la the Chinese Water Torture. Though I didn't physically die, there was an unimaginable amount of otherworldly torture from the stress of the environment, the bare room, and being chained up. There was no way to relax, and I had to invent stories at an alarming rate ("lie myself awake") about my own stardom/position in the universe as a coping strategy against the assaults.
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