[Tranc{E]nd} (seattlesque) wrote,

DECAY (poem)


he's the squalor
from fractured halls
and he's hanging his plaque
on those velvety walls
bet your teeth he wants in
to your insidest track
he reeks
he reeks
he reeks of the havoc...
he's rot

An outgrowth of the single line in my head "he reeks of the havoc, he's rot" which duals with "he wreaks of the havoc he's wrought". I tried to expand this into another verse with a "she's sweet, she's sweet, she's sweet ??????...she's cake" but it was too...um...cheesy. (she's cake=>cheesecake). I decided to just call it quits and save the first verse. The dental references kind of blend in and I think that's part of what makes it interesting...that they don't really stand out as much as one might think.</a>
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